Under Armour unplugs its UA Record app that connected its Health Box devices

In the tech world it is well known that any device you connect can be unconnected at the source end and when that happens there’s nothing you as a user can do. And that’s what’s about to happen to users of Under Armour’s trio of fitness hardware devices which have been bought by some as a bundle and referred to as the UA Healthbox..

All of these Under Armour fitness hardware devices will soon become very expensive paperweights reports ArsTechnica.  

Why? Because Under Armour apparently removed its UA Record app from both Apple’s App Store and Google Play last New Year’s Eve 2019. Also, pertinent for all users of UA fitness hardware is that the company not only removed its app from every online app store but it decided to not provide any customer support or bug fixes for the software any longer. The UA Record app will completely stop working on March 31, 2020.

In 2016, Under Armour launched its three fitness devices which included a wearable wrist monitor, a chest-strap-style heart rate monitor and a smart weight scale. People were able to purchase each device separately or purchase all three of them in a bundle as the UA Health Box.

At the time of the launch ArsTechnica did a review and reported that the UA fitness hardware as stand-alone devices did not offer anything new in that market. But as a trio, the UA Health Box’s connected devices were good in communicating with each other. Of course the connection that made them useful was Under Armour’s UA Record app. The app was able to tie together all the information from each piece of fitness hardware to provide a comprehensive fitness, health and wellness record to the user with detailed data about their weight, sleep, heart rate and other activity measurements. The app also served as a one-stop location if any of the hardware needed adjustments to its settings.

However, less than two years later, the Health Box was pulled from sales shelves and all three items, individually, gradually disappeared from both online and brick-and-motor stores. Under Armour went back to focusing on its sports clothing and on ‘wearables’ like tech connected running shoes and its MyFitnessPal app.

MyFitnessPal app is what Under Armour is recommending users switch to who still use their Health Box fitness hardware devices. The company says that MyFitnessPal app will give users a better tracking experience.