As people read Facebook’s News Feed on their iPhone’s their camera’s are being secretly accessed

While users are scrolling through their news feed on their Facebook app, they’re being recorded through their iPhone cameras.

Facebook calls this a strange behavior and says it is caused by a bug that was accidentally added to a code but there are no indications that photos or videos are being transferred to its servers. An update has already been submitted to Apple and it should remove the bug soon.

In the meantime, users can quickly fix this potential security flaw in the iPhone settings that will keep Facebook from seeing their camera at all.

The bug was first discovered when users noticed that the entire news feed would occasionally shift from left to the right and underneath the main app there would be a different screen that could be seen which showed a video from the iPhone’s built-in camera.

The introduction of this strange behavior was Facebook’s attempt to fix a different bug.

A Facebook spokesperson says, however, that there is no evidence any photos or videos have been uploaded due to this strange behavior or bug and its fix has been reported to Apple.

Guy Rosen, Facebook’s vice president of integrity, said in a series of tweets that no content was being stored in the app or being sent to Facebook and that this strange behavior would be fixed very soon.

Rosen said that when the bug was triggered, it activated the preview camera and once the preview camera was triggered it remained active until the user tapped somewhere else in the app. During this time no content was uploaded to Facebook’s servers nor stored by the app since it was in preview mode which has been confirmed. He also said that a fix version is rolling out on the App store.

For the time being, users can fix the problem manually by going to Settings, then selecting Facebook, which should bring up several permissions granted by the app which includes access to the camera and this can be turned off by sliding the toggle. Keep in mind that while this is toggled off, Facebook will no longer be able to access the camera for legitimate functions and features like the ability to capture and upload pictures straight from the app. 

So, it may be better to wait for the fix to be made available by Apple soon.