Samsung’s new Galaxy smartphone is radical and will be launched in 2020

What a week for Samsung. it hasn’t been good. It started with the major detail leaks on the Galaxy S11 followed by the embarrassing security screw up on the Galaxy S10 and the Note 10. Now, apparently another reason has come up to skip over Samsung’s smartphones completely until 2020.

Samsung has come up with a new technology called Under Display Camera (UDC) which works by integrating a transparent display over the punch hole for the camera resulting in no notch, nor a punch hole, and neither a need for a pop-up camera.

It has been reported by both, The Elec and the Ice Universe that Samsung will not release this smartphone with the UDC until 2020 and they say this feature will not be in models you might expect when it launches.

Samsung’s product marketing director, Hassan Anjum, made an announcement last November 2018 calling the UDC the ‘New Infinity Display’ and said that it was just around the corner. But since then, the company hasn’t said anything. But certain events tell that Samsung has plans in the works, because rival Oppo revealed its plans for a smiler UDC tech back in June, and now a recent patent from Samsung showed up which came to light earlier this week. Assumptions are being made that if the UDC doesn’t show up in Galaxy S11 or the Galaxy Fold 2 then expectations are that it may make its debut in the Galaxy Note 11.

Something to take note of, is that using the UDC technology will give Samsung the opportunity to use facial recognition once again because the sensors will now be hidden under the display. Samsung’s New Infinity Display (UDC) can’t happen soon enough, especially since Google is coming out with its Pixel 4 and Apple is gearing up with its dual biometric iPhone plans.

It looks like 2020 will be a huge year for Samsung. Leaked information says the Galaxy S11 is expected to deliver on a number of features such as a groundbreaking camera, major performance increases, up-graded design, next-generation memory, AI-focused image processing and a bigger than normal fingerprint sensor. This is all prior to the Fold 2 as well as the potentially revolutionary battery tech and then the New Infinity Display (UDC) phones.

With all of that coming out from Samsung, it looks like 2020 will be the year where we will all benefit as rumors have it that Apple’s next iPhones will be radically re-invented too.