Some users are finding their Apple Watch Series 5 battery life struggling to keep going all day​

9To5Mac reporter, Zac Hall, has reviewed the Apple Watch for five years in a row and has been excitedly looking forward to reviewing the Apple Watch Series 5 but says he is having difficulty in doing so because he can’t get through a whole day without it dying out on him. Apparently the battery for the  Apple Watch Series 5 hasn’t changed from the Series 4 even though the Apple Watch Series 5 has an always-on display so that its user can read time at a glance.

Hall says that since 2015 he has never had any issues with the Apple Watch Series 2, 3 or 4 getting through a whole day on one battery charge.

With the Series 4, Hall was able to get through 18 hours of mixed activity which includes a 60-minute workout. Hall says that when using the Apple Watch for outdoor workouts with GPS and LTE the battery should last for approximately 5 hours on a charge. You can go to to find out other scenarios for battery life and results.

Instead Hall says that he is experiencing only a 12 hour battery life with the Apple Watch Series 5 and he hasn’t changed his lifestyle routine. He starts his day at 6 am and his Apple Watch Series 5 dies consistently at 6pm.

He says that charging takes about 90 minutes to go from 0% to about 80%.

Not all users are having this same experience, Hall says. His friend has a 40mm

cellular Series 5 which should in essence have less battery life than his 44mm cellular Series 5. But to the contrary –  her Apple Watch 5 battery lasts just as long as the Series 4 battery. Hall figures then it probably isn’t an issue with the always-on display feature but possibly the new Noise app.

The Noise app has an ambient noise detection feature, and Hall thinks this might be the cause for poor battery life even though it was no problem with the Series 4 which he used last summer.

Hall says he has friends who have either upgraded to the Series 5 or bought it new for the first time and both Series 5 models are experiencing reduced battery life as compared to the Series 4.

Some users have said that battery life issues begin to level out after about a week while others have turned off the always-on display feature.

Hall hopes that Apple will resolve the issue with a software update.