Hudson Media Buys National Enquirer Tabloid Brand for $100 Million

For decades, the National Enquirer has been synonymous with salacious tabloid scandals, giving the people exactly what they wanted; at least, if the periodical’s popularity means anything significant. In fact, both the US and UK versions of the National Enquirer are remain popular, even in this time of digital media at your fingertips; and they are so popular that they have been sold to Hudson Media.  This deal, worth about $100 million, also included the Globe and the National Examiner. 

According to Hudson Media CEO, and owner, James Cohen, “Year after year, the Enquirer has continued to be one of the best-selling and most profitable newsstand titles.  But this transaction is about more than a weekly publication, it’s about a brand with extraordinary potential across multiple platforms.”

Of course, Cohen would know which newsstand titles are, in fact, the most popular as Hudson Media owns more than 1,000 newstand shops in airports and commuter terminals, as well as a wide variety of other transportation station across the globe. 

And Cohen would also know a good deal when he sees it. It was only last week that the National Enquirer was put on the block, essentially in the wake of scandals that involved two of the world’s most powerful men:  Donald Trump and Jeff Bezos.  The scandals also involved AMI owner David Pecker, who has been a long-time friend of the current commander-in-chief.

You may recall that former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal had signed a deal with AMI, in August, worth $150,000.  It was only a few months before Donald Trump was elected to the presidency, and the timing was just right for the Enquirer to acquire exclusive rights to her first-hand account of her alleged affair with Trump, ten years prior.  This came to be known as a “catch-and-kill” agreement in which AMI eventually purchased the rights to the deal announcing a specific intention not to publish any details. 

At the time, Trump’s lawyer (and, let’s be honest, his fixer), Michael Cohen said that Enquirer executive editor Dylan Howard.  

And then more recently, the National Enquirer has been bogged down with another scandal: this time it was associated with the alleged extortion of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. He accused the tabloid of demanding what is essentially a ransom for intimate photos that intimated his alleged affair with former television host Lauren Sanchez.