Instagram Replacing Word of Mouth For Small Buiness?​

You know the saying, “Word of mouth is the best way to spread the word – and  great advertising.”  Well, some small businesses have found out that another means of ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising is by using social media’s Instagram platform.

One particular small business owner, Jarema Osofsky, is a believer and user of Instagram as a advertising business tool  But she doesn’t use it in the typical manner of advertising nor to create a safe haven for secret finsta accounts, garage sale selling, photo fan-fic or repurposing memes which many users of Instagram do. 

Osofsky started out two summers ago as an artist’s assistant and sold plants on the sidewalks of her New York neighborhood. She eventually brought her plant selling business inside as the weather got colder when winter arrived and her plant selling business has flourished ever since through Instagram.

It started out she says when her customers would post a picture of a plant that they had bought from her and tagged her.  From that beginning, her service spread among her friends and friends of friends – through the Instagram digital ‘word-of-mouth.’

So Osofsky, started tagging photos of her buyers which became better than subscribing them to a mailing list or passing along her contact info. Instagram just made it easy for her friends and repeat customers to find her and it made it easy for her to transition from the sidewalks to her home – a bright sunny apartment.

She calls her business DirtQueenNYC and not only does she sell plants, she also talks on topics of plants and plant maintenance and light set-ups as well as

pet care and maintenance all over a cup of tea. A person can set up a consultation time with her simply by messaging her on Instagram. She loves the opportunity she has to help people become a success at ‘plant parenting’ so to speak and she give them a very tailored experience.

Some customers will digital message (DM) her through Instagram for consulting service regarding plant care and it has almost become a 24/7 customer service experience which she is trying to balance to have private times with family.

For Osofsky, Instagram, she says has made the whole shopping for plants more of an experience rather than a transaction. She gets to know her customers and provides them the added benefit of communicating directly with her through DM which makes it a a comfortable, easy way to get what they need at their leisure.